WLK TRANS Walczak & Partners sp. j. has been operating and providing services on the market since 2007.

Our company offers:

-international transport

-domestic transport

-freight forwarding

Our fleet consists of the modern and reliable EURO 5 and EURO 6 certified trucks. We have at our disposal a broad range of trailers adapted to the transported product.

The modern means of transport WLK TRANS has at its disposal ensures collision-free and timely transport. As a standard, all vehicles are equipped with a GPS satellite navigation system, which allows customers to control and track the shipment while improving the safety of services rendered.

We offer our customers a qualified team of employees, drivers and logistics specialist ready to provide services of the highest standards.

Professional execution of approved shipment orders is possible thanks to:

  • constant availability of fleet,
  • immediate reaction of our logistics specialists to orders,
  • reliable management of transport documentation

Our managerial staff and logistics specialists communicate fluently in English, French and German.